Think Tank's Mentorship Program

is designed to help artists that have previous training, and or experience, brush up on their skills, produce a viable demo reel, and get a job!

  • 4 Months of mentored study with indefinite facility access upon completion.
  • Industry mentors from local studios in the Vancouver Canada area.
  • Ability to take any course offered at Think Tank after 1st semester as part of a customized curriculum.
  • Personal, dedicated workstation.
  • Industry studio tours and guest speakers.
  • Think Tank job search network.
  • Please contact us for the current tuition fees required to enroll in the Mentorship  Program.


  "The experience was incredible. I'm so glad I chose this wonderful school!"


Leonardo Viale


"Think Tank is so much different than any other big educational institution. They really do care about your success and individual satisfaction."


Amanda Knight



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