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Italy → Vancouver → Sweden

Valerio Terreri cartoonWe recently caught up with Alumni student, Valerio Terreri, who graduated from the Mentorship program in 2016. Valerio is originally from Italy and worked as a game designer and 3D generalist for several years, before deciding to take further steps to develop his skills. If he wanted to work on large scale AAA projects then he needed to specialize in a specific area. This realization led him to our Mentorship program where he chose to focus on environment art.

Valerio was in a very favourable position by the end of the program. Before even finishing, Avalanche Studios was already showing interest and asked him to do an art test. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. He moved through their recruitment process just as he was putting the finishing touches on his reel. Shortly after, his dream of working as an environment artist on a big AAA project finally became a reality! Valerio was quickly scooped up and has now been living in Sweden since January.

From his initial observations, Stockholm is a charming place where old and new live harmoniously together. He loves its melancholic vibe that resonates throughout the city, especially during the winter. There are also quite a few similarities in regards to civil rights and the quality of life between Canada and Sweden. On the work front, he finds Avalanche to be a great company that really cares about the work-life balance of its employees. The generous amounts of free time and holidays have made it easy for him to get out and explore his new surroundings. This in turn, has helped provide inspiration for him to be better in his art. Wow, Sweden sure sounds like it’s the place to be! 😉

To see Valerio’s work you can check out:

Artstation Page:     
Personal Website: 



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