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VFX Producer Chris Anderson will be paying a visit for a Q&A tomorrow to give insight on the entertainment industry!

Chris Anderson has been in Visual Effects for the past 17 years. He most recently worked on the Channing Tatum/Jamie Fox feature “White House Down”, as VFX Producer for Method Studios.

A native from the great frozen state of Minnesota, Chris attended the University of Southern California, studying in the Film Production program. His introduction to Visual Effects came at Hollywood based Cinesite, working on the Warner Bros film “Space Jam”. He continued to work in VFX on the studio side, on features for Paramount and Warner Bros. Aside from working on backlots in Burbank and Hollywood, he had many early call times location shooting in San Francisco, Vancouver, London, and Sydney.

In 2006, he joined “MatteWorld Digital”. Working with Academy Award winning VFX Supervisor Craig Barron, he produced the VFX for the Disney Feature “Invincible”, and David Fincher helmed “Zodiac”. In 2007 he was recruited by Vancouver based Rainmaker studios (now Method), as a staff VFX Producer. As part of the Method team, he produced “Vantage Point”, “Tropic Thunder” “Angels & Demons”, “Invictus”, “Journey 2” and “Dark Shadows”.

Though Chris has mostly focused on theatrical features, he has recently worked on a music video for the artist Deadmau5. On the management side, he has overseen crew sizes ranging from 10 to 100 artists. He has also many years of experience bidding and budgeting feature projects.

Chris has been a guest lecturer at Vancouver Film School, Vanarts, Art Institutes. He is a longtime member of the Visual Effects Society, having served as Social Chair of the Vancouver Branch and organizing it’s infamous Pub Nights.

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