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Welcome to Paradise Island…

Watching this demo reel will make you want to think about booking your next beach vacation!

Isola concept art pieceAfter six months of hard work, Stef Velzeboer’s demo reel is now complete. He started off by looking for an inspirational concept piece to use. After many hours of searching, he finally came across this one…a very picturesque, fantasy looking dream home on its own private island (by Cornacchia).

Initially, the most challenging aspect was the concepting. The reference only shows one angle, and not everything would make perfect sense in 3D. Thus, he had quite a lot of figuring out to do, especially with the areas that were not visible. However, once things started coming together it felt very satisfying and became easier for him. The most interesting part of the project was the plaster shader. Stef found that Unreal Engine really allowed him to push the shaders, and with the combination of Substance Designer for the textures, it was loads of fun.

Software Used:
Maya (models and UVs)
UVLayout (complicated objects)
Zbrush (sculpting)
Substance Designer & Painter, Quixel Suite (texturing)
Marvelous Designer (cloth)
SpeedTree (trees)
Topogun (speed up re-topo work)
Marmoset (rendering)
Nuke & Premiere Pro (video editing)

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