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Paul Paulino’s Southern Cassowary

Paul Paulino and Daniel  Rodrigues recently finished up work on their collaboration project, The Southern Cassowary. The software used includes, Zbrush, Maya, Vray, MARI and Photoshop. Their main goal was to achieve a realistic render of the bird. Paul was responsible for all the texturing, shading and fur aspects. While Daniel provided the 3D model with primary and secondary details. The endless hours and hard work paid off as 3D World Magazine plan to feature it in an upcoming issue! The article will include a full explanation the entire texturing process.  Paul currently works at Scanline VFX as a Texture Painter/Look Dev Artist, and Daniel is a Modeller at Method Studios.

 Click here to see the breakdown of the project: The Southern Cassowary

Paul H. Paulino’s website

Daniel S. Rodrigues’ website


The Southern Cassowary
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