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Think Tank alumnus Chris Warnock has recently started a position at EA as a Cinematic Artist
(Video Capture Artist).
Here’s a little of what Chris had to say about his new job!

“I’ve jumped in at the end of a project, so it’s a bit of a crunch but
I’m working on trailers and in-game cinematics so it’s a lot of fun and a
great entry-level job. It’s only my second day and I can tell I’m going
to be here for a while! I love it and everyone is easy to get
along with. The building (of course) is amazing, I can almost say that
it’s a world inside the world. Everything you need is literally
right at your fingertips. I’ve already caught up to my co-workers
and have started to capture shots right alongside of them. I’m picking it
up really really fast because I was well prepared. Having a wide knowledge
base is a must!”

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