REACH: My Journey with Houdini


The Project – REACH:

Webinar Topics

Take an exclusive look behind the scenes of the production of “Reach – Part 1” by Orion Terry

Webinar Replay now available! 

Think Tank Training Centre hosted a live webinar with, DNEG FX Supervisor / Think Tank Mentor Albert Szostkiewicz and ILM Generalist Artist / Think Tank Graduate Orion Terry, and it’s now available to watch as an instant replay.

In this webinar, Orion and Albert dissected the creation of Orion’s mentorship project “REACH”, a full CG short made using Houdini and rendered in Mantra. They discussed the entire VFX pipeline, from concept and pre-production to final compositing, in the context of a professional working environment.

Topics covered include:

  •  How a CG short is built from scratch
  •  The journey of learning Houdini
  • Procedural workflows
  • Workflows and best practises of AAA studios
  • Houdini tips and tricks

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