Computer animation training has become a popular choice with Vancouver animation schools and training centres around the world turning out hundreds of grads each year. In order to be successful as an animation school graduate, students must be exceptional.

At Think Tank we strive to put our students at the top of those applicants. If you don’t feel your application portfolio is in that league you can stay working at Think Tank on your animation, modeling or visual FX reel indefinitely at no extra charge.

Think Tank Training Centre is dedicated to providing relevant, current, and effective training that will ensure a realistic opportunity for employment. Think Tank specializes in the latest software, techniques, and technologies in order to cater to the needs of the film, television and video game industries. Our number one priority is to open the door for our students to attain that first job. Through first rate instructors, curriculum, a state of the art facility, and our one-of-a-kind mentorship program, students will be given every advantage available in order to make a smooth transition from student to trained working professional.

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Student Interview - Claire Niebergall

December 4, 2013

TT : “I understand you’ve been hired at Scanline Visual Effects.Can you tell me a little about  your new job ?”CN : “My new job …the official title is Animator and they’ve hired me to work on Captain America the Winter Soldier doing special effects match moving shots.”TT : “Perfect …Now Scanline is not a big company but they do pretty High-end... Read More

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Student Work - Scott McTavish

August 1, 2013

Challenges and Approach When I get into creating a new game environment, I always plan it extensively first. With the Fairy Forest, I approached it from a believable fantasy angle; someplace you could actually picture yourself in, that doesn’t stretch the imagination too far. I based much of the environment from what I have experienced in New Zealand’s forests, being an interesting mix... Read More

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