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“My time at Think Tank was incredible and I’ll never forget it, and I’d recommend it anyone who wants to get into Film/TV/Games. The quality of the instructors was great, and because it’s a smaller school and has smaller class sizes, you get a lot of attention and dedication from the instructors and staff. Everyone wants to see you go places and is thrilled when you do."

Liam Jones
Lead Technical Animator

"Thinktank has become our number one source for production ready, capable CG artists and technicians. The training the students receive at Thinktank sets them apart and when they start it is like having an experienced artist vs. a new student. I would recommend Think Tank to any person interested in animation or VFX as a career."

Carl Whiteside
Executive Producer
Waterproof Studios

“My overall experience working with the Think Tank staff and alumni is nothing short of amazing. The students graduating from this school have tremendous talent and artist knowledge. In my opinion Think Tank is now the benchmark post-secondary 3D school in the industry. Excellent work to everyone that has made this school what it is today!”

Daniel Doluntap
Senior Lead Artist

“Think Tank has made an exceptional contribution to the nurturing of new talent in Vancouver. With great programs and invaluable mentorship, I have been able to confidently hire junior talent in Vancouver, knowing that the candidates will be of a high caliber and unafraid of hard work.”

Rosalynd Clarke
Animal Logic

“I really just want to say that Think Tank is a special school. I was hired by Bioware with the demo reel I made from Think Tank and after being hired, I found out that I beat out a few other senior guys from other game studios. Not only that, but the demo reel I made has been viewed thousands of times, been showcased on a number of 3D sites including Cryteck which is the company that made the game engine I used. I know that this would not have happened if I didn’t pick Think Tank as my school. It was worth every dollar.”

Shawn Kassian
Environment Artist

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