How It Started

It's often said that the best ideas come when something is missing. 

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The journey begins a world away
Act 1

The journey begins a world away

In the early 2000s, Scott, a then CG Instructor with a passion for Star Wars IV, Toy Story, and Jurassic Park, was itching for his next thing.  He knew he was close, but there was something missing. That missing link was Joe. A year working together in France proved to be the perfect place to plant the seeds of the idea and cultivate the foundation for Think Tank.


"When I shared with Joe I wanted to build the best CG school in the world, he didn't hesitate, he asked me if I needed a partner. I said, I do, and that partner is you.”


You don't know what you don't know
Act 2

You don't know what you don't know

Breathing life into Think Tank and opening its doors in 2005 meant sorting through thousands of ideas. Some good, some not so much. When the dust finally settled, Scott & Joe had a campus: a 100 year-old heritage building in North Vancouver. 


"Do you have an idea for the campus?"
"I do, but it's a little wild."

"Let's do that!”


From the Jules Verne and Bioshock-inspired decor to the crashed cargo plane lobby, the campus reflects the unconventional vibe that Think Tank embodies.

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The dream becomes a reality
Act 3

The dream becomes a reality

As the years went by, Think Tank began to expand physically and artistically. Scott & Joe added a more advanced curriculum and new labs, all while gaining a reputation for being one of the top CG schools worldwide. 


"It's a moving target. You always have to be pushing, changing, refining. At the end of the day, a stand-out, and job placement is what matters most."

A school in the cloud
Act 4

A school in the cloud

Since opening its doors, programs at the campus have been full. There was only one logical way to expand without losing the heart and soul of Think Tank. 


Virtual learning was born in 2017, and has since grown into four online and two hybrid programs all taught via Think Tank's proprietary learning platform, Portal.

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A new beginning
Act 5

A new beginning

As the 21st Century entered its second decade, Scott and Joe realized they needed a break from the helm.


Bringing on Marty as CEO allowed them to focus on elevating the quality of the student experience, attracting the right applicants, and exploring the creative aspects dear to their hearts.  

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