Student Life

Think Tank is located in North Vancouver at the bottom of Lonsdale just steps away from the Quay and the seabus . This is a superb location to live and study. We strongly recommend that our students live in North Vancouver, so that commuting doesn’t detract from your Think Tank experience.

The following is a list of local housing contacts in the area.  These are places where former Think Tank students have stayed and found to be clean, comfortable, close to school and reasonably-priced.

Housing Options

Please remember to ALWAYS take pictures BEFORE and AFTER you move in and out of your place to avoid losing your deposit due to false claims of your landlord.

Please also check the BC Housing and BC Tenant Act websites to learn more about your rights as a tenant in BC.

While at school a lot of you need a second home close to school where you could rest and eat and also have some fun. We have curated some of our favourite local hosts that have opened their doors to former Think Tank students and have proven to be clean, comfortable, close to school and reasonably-priced.

Name Email Phone
Sue’s Guest Cottages
(604) 985-1523
Grand Manor Apartments (604) 988-6082
(604) 812-2715
Kathie Anderson (604) 988-0197
(778) 839-4233
Nola Tomkins (604) 924 5175
Una Bruhns (604)929-4505
Liz Gallagher (604)817-9739
Margo Dornan (604) 929 7192
Marie Jones (604) 837-9951
Rebecca St-Louis (604) 773 6734
Sky Tower (bachelor apartments) Not Available (604) 986 1822
Steven Corcoran (604) 834 1234
Homestay (this is a homestay service)
604 683 4375
Other Options

Craigslist can also be a helpful site when looking for housing. Make sure you are searching in Vancouver, BC. and preferably in North Vancouver, but we are located right next to the seabus, so public transportation will be easy if you want to live in downtown Vancouver.

Finding A Roommate

If you would like to find a roommate to share accommodations with, please contact our office to help coordinate your search.

Working While Studying

Some students plan on working during their study period at Think Tank, which we don’t recommend. We strongly advise our students to refrain from outside work while at school and to focus on their studies. Our 12 month program is a very intense year, and we prefer that you spend all your time and energy on polishing your skills and create a great demo reel that will get you an amazing job.

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