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The February 3dtotal Gallery Awards!

Apex RobotAlvaro Claver’s APEX Robot is in the running for this month’s 3dtotal Gallery Awards. The contest is open until this Friday February 10, so click on the link to vote and help him win! Alvaro has always been a big fan of robots since he was a kid, so it’s no surprise that he chose APEX to use in his demo reel.  It’s already a huge hit and was recently selected as one of the winning entries in The Foundry’s #WhatsInMyMind student competition a few months ago.

Voting Link:

How to vote in gallery awardsThe process of making APEX involved modeling and unwrapping the UVs, and then coming up with 63 UDIMs sorted by materials. This was a huge challenge as it was Alvaro’s first time dealing with UVs in that scale, but thankfully he had Mari to handle this complexity and make life easier. When it came to texturing for film, choosing Mari was a no brainer. Alvaro knew exactly how his textures were going to look thanks to the V-ray shader. Plus it could handle heavy models. He did the lookdev with V-ray for Maya, lit the scene, and fine tuned the maps to get the model to look and feel like the original.

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