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Think Tank  Alumni: Jose Ivan Lopez Romo

Alumni student, Jose came to study at Think Tank at the beginning of 2013. After graduating, he worked as a technical artist at HB Studios in Nova Scotia and then Gumi Canada in Vancouver. However, about six months ago he decided to relocate back to his home in Guadalajara, Mexico. When he initially arrived, he jumped right into the 2D art world doing freelance and picked up a roster of international clients that included, Earth Children for Humanity, Vegans & Elephants and WeCO. He then turned his focus to 3D art and now works for Games2Win, creating content for their mobile games.

Jose isn’t just all about art though. A few interesting things to note about him are that he speaks four languages (English, Spanish, French, Japanese), he has a great passion for video game development (completed a BA in Digital Art & Animation with a focus on gaming at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico) and he has 10+ years of martial arts experience (awarded a black belt in karate).

To see more of what Jose does, you can check out his website:



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