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Alvaro Claver would like you to meet Apex!

aclaversmallAlvaro based his demo reel off of the Apex Robot. American artist, Dan Jones is the creator of this original tinkerbot robot. After a friend sent Alvaro a link to the piece, he contacted Dan and asked if he could model it. Dan was excited to collaborate, so Alvaro flew to California to meet with him and take reference photos.

Work on the image began back in October, using a combination of Mari, Maya, UV Layout and Vray. The most challenging part was planning how to create the robot in Mari. It involved working with many different layers with painted sections. It took Alvaro some time to figure out how to arrange everything. But then it was just a matter of projecting them, and a little back and forth to make them work. The most interesting aspect for him was the texturing process and the look dev. This is the part in which you light the scene and create all the shaders to mimic the real materials.

Some of the recent accolades he’s received for this piece include winning The Foundry’s #WhatsInMyMind student competition. As well as being in the running for a 3DTotal Gallery Award, and having a tutorial about the making of Apex published on the 3DTotal website. Alvaro is originally from Spain, and was living in San Diego before moving to Vancouver. He recently graduated from our full-time program in January.

 Software Used:
Maya (modeling)
MARI (texturing)
UV Layout (UVs)
Zbrush (sculpting, map baking)
Photoshop (masks)
Vray (rendering)
Nuke (renders)
Adobe Premiere (video editing)

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