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We’ve had the tickets for CG Movement’s Anomaly H2O event for only two days, and I already had to phone for more! The students are excited to attend this showcase of CG art, keynote speakers and party happening at the Vancouver Aquarium. The event (October 30th, 2010) is the Saturday before Halloween, so organizers are encouraging guests to dress in costume.

Highlights of the event include Keynote speakers Craig Mullins – a legend in the field of digital painting, Jason Stokes – environment modeler from AreaNet, Xin Wang – Cinematic Character & Prop Supervisor at Blizzard, and Steven Chen, concept artist/modeler at Weta.

The evening kicks off with a demo of featured artists set to live music, and finishes with a door prize raffle and closing party. After the event, we’ll post more from the students who attended!

Think Tank Halloween – Friday October 29th, 5:30pm – Midnight

Our Think Tank school Halloween get-together is happening on Friday after school.

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