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Wow, this new semester crept up out of nowhere! We’ve welcomed a brand new batch of future animators, modelers, and vfx specialists. It’s a semester with an international flair: Paulo N is Portuguese, Oscar C joins us from Mexico, and Karna C in 2nd semester is happy that his old buddy Dhaval V is in 1st semester, just arrived from India… and I mean JUST arrived. (Poor Dhaval – travelled for 22hrs, got off the plane, and went straight into Scott’s Animation 100 class! Karna and I had to go out and pay his cab driver! Now that’s a quick start.)

One morning we came in nice and early, ready for a productive day of fun and exciting Maya assignments, only to discover the power was out. Everyone was disappointed until Matt N. Suggested “OK everyone, time to kick it 3D oldschool… with a calculator and a pencil!”

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