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…so I’m going about my business on a Wednesday afternoon: attendance, schedules, grades, and this guy calls us up from He wants to know why there are suddenly so many reviews about Think Tank, and why they’re all good! ( I admire this website for checking their facts. Nice to know someone’s monitoring the interwebs…) Anyway, he says “why are there so many reviews coming in for your school? Why are they all positive?” He thought we were writing them ourselves, or worse: paying students to write them! Scott just told him that real students write the reviews, positive or negative, and we want them all posted, whether the student likes us or not. That way people get a realistic view of the Think Tank experience.

Like I said, it’s great that this website has someone checking up on the entries before they are posted, to make sure each one is real and not tilted one way or another for personal profit. They have lots of subjects too, not just Animation but Film, Graphic Design, even Web Design. The website is run by a former art school student who wanted a place for prospective students to find opinions. And now I know I can trust them.


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