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#WhatsInMyMind Student Contest Winner: Alvaro Claver

Apex Robot by Alvaro ClaverWe’d like to congratulate Alvaro Claver for being a winner in The Foundry‘s 2016 #WhatsInMyMind student competition. His entry is a model of the Apex Robot, which was originally made by American artist, Dan Jones. After a friend sent Alvaro a link to the piece, he contacted Dan and asked if he could model it for his demo reel. Dan was excited to collaborate, so Alvaro flew to California to meet with him and take reference photos.

Work on the image began back in October, using a combination of Mari, Maya, UV Layout and Vray. Learning Mari was a breeze since Alvaro had an extensive background with using Photoshop. His workflow involved creating multiple channels for every material, including diffuse, specular, glossiness, bump and displacement. Being that some of the objects had many layers made planning crucial. He had to create several masks, stack the layers and then use them in the blend shader. He soon found that having the ability to create an unlimited amount of channels, and then combining them in shaders to preview without having to render was quite the game-changer.

Alvaro is originally from Spain, and was living in San Diego before moving to Vancouver. He is now in the final semester of his program and will be graduating in January 2017. The prize pack for winning is worth around $10,000USD and it’s The Foundry’s Production Collective (Mari, Modo and Nuke Studio).

Congratulations, Alvaro!


headshot of the Apex Robot



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