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demo reel screenshot of espresso cup and spoon on diner tableFeel like a 1950s nostalgic moment? This demo reel is the perfect remedy!

Corinne Dy first became inspired by the ’50s after learning about it in her high school history class. The decade greatly resonated with her, so she decided to showcase the upbeat vibe of American diners in her demo reel.

Initially, the biggest challenge she encountered was concepting out the diner. Since she didn’t have a single reference, it was somewhat difficult to plan out the camera angles and shots. However, in the end she was able to come up with a game plan that allowed her to work through these issues.

One of the things Corinne loved doing most was texturing and shading the objects, especially the jukebox. She also found it quite satisfying to see all the elements come to life during the rendering process. Creating the reel involved using a number of different software programs such as, Maya, Mari, Vray, Nuke, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Substance Painter and Zbrush.

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