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Showcasing the Volkswagen Van!

Gabriel Alcaraz , VW van gas gaugeGabriel Alcarez’s demo reel features a versatile vehicle made famous in the 1960s. It’s none other than the Volkswagen van! The inspiration for this came from his childhood in Mexico. He grew up seeing these vehicles everywhere, since Volkswagen had a factory close to where he lived. It was also fitting that he ended up owning a classic 1979 Volkswagen beetle for a number of years.

To create the reel, he started with a blueprint to model the interior and exterior, as well as using a number of abandoned cars for reference material. He also gathered info on rusted metal, dirty plastic, old leather, glass and plastic. All of this was important because it helped give a clear idea with how the surface and materials would react to humidity, dust and dirt. The most challenging aspect was the organization and planning of all the reference material. There were a number he used that included plastic, rubber, glass, leather, chrome and painted metal. He had the most fun making the radio and the gauges. Everything soon started coming together and he accomplished his goal of giving the feel of an abandoned van.

Gabriel is a Texture Artist/3D Modeler from Guadalajara, and has just finished up the full-time diploma program. Prior to coming to Think Tank, he worked as a graphic designer for over five years.

Software Used:
Maya (modeling)
Zbrush, Mari (texturing)
Vray (rendering)


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