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Kutay Cengil - finderskeepers_v1Kutay Cengil is originally from Turkey and was already working in the games industry before coming to Think Tank. Even though he had a background in new media and video design, he daydreamed of working in the CG industry. That dream finally became a reality last year when he decided to take the plunge and submit his application for our mentorship program. He was soon accepted and before even finishing the course and his demo reel, he was offered a 3D Modeler & Texture Painter position at Method Studios. We recently caught up with Kutay to see how things have been going for him since starting his new job.
1) How did you find Think Tank and what made you decide to come to the school?
I was aware of many Think Tank demo reels. Back then I was working at a game studio in Turkey, however, my heart was always in cinema and texture painting. One day at work I was listening to Justin Holt’s podcast (my now mentor and friend), and he was talking about Think Tank. I did my research and saw all these great demo reels that were coming from this boutique school in Vancouver. The more research I did, the more it felt right and finally, it was time for me to pursue my dream. I submitted my portfolio and the rest is history!
2) Would you recommend Think Tank to others? If so, why?nebulapeek_fin1
I would definitely recommend Think Tank to anyone who is serious about specializing in a career in the entertainment industry. Scott and Joe have created a unique learning environment that is quite different from other schools. It is a small family environment. You are always exposed to the mentors and instructors who are currently working in the industry, and most of the time they are coming to school after a day at the studio. You are always training with the most up-to-date methodology and software. Think Tank helped me to set a contrast with the rest of my life.
3) How would you describe your experience at Think Tank to others?
It is a very supportive environment and you are surrounded by people who are sharing the same passion and fire. Students care about each other’s success and instructors and staff are always there to help you. Every morning I felt charged up and ready to go! 
4) Can you give one tip for students out there who are interested in the CG industry?
You need to combine your hard work with your passion. CG gets heavy very quickly and just being interested in it won’t be enough for you to pass the first hundred crashes. Give your hopes and dreams the respect they deserve and do the work wholeheartedly. Most importantly, never forget that the CG industry requires teamwork. At the end of the day, it is all about working with people. Wake up each day and make it count!
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