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Ray Le, Viking

Two years ago Ray Le came to Think Tank to learn 3D art. Even though he had no background or previous experience, he did have a passion for wanting to make it his career. By the time he finished our one-year diploma program he had developed a superior eye for detail in texturing, lighting and shading for real-time renders and was specializing in the creation of 3D characters. He went on to enter the 2016 Rookies competition and ended up winning ‘Rookie of the Year: Next-Gen Gaming’, which then led to being featured in the November 2016 issue of 3D World Magazine. Fast forward to a year later and the successes continue to roll in. Ray was recently offered a job as a lead character artist at one of the best game outsourcing studios, Glass Egg Digital Media. He’s very much looking forward to working with various studios and getting his hands on some AAA projects.

Initially, Ray wasn’t even sure if he was going to be able to find work after graduating.  But he was determined to work hard and his commitment and dedication he put into his studies paid off. We recently caught up with Ray to see how things have been going for him since he graduated, and here’s what he had to say.

How did you find Think Tank and what made you decide to come to the school?
I have always wanted to be an artist but I didn’t want to waste the money that my parents had saved their entire lives to study things that I have no interest in. I decided to drop out of Simon Fraser University after one year and started searching for local art schools in Vancouver. I ended up finding Think Tank. When I visited the school for the first time I was blown away with their student work, the one-year program, the school decor, and the people. They were so nice! I chose Think Tank without any hesitation.

Would you recommend Think Tank to others? If so, why?
Yes, definitely! Think Tank is not like other schools that only want your money. They really care about your success, and this is why I don’t see Think Tank as a school. To me, it’s more like a place where people who have the same passion for making art come together and learn from each other.

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How would you describe your experience at Think Tank to others?
My experience at Think Tank was fantastic! It was the first time that I really enjoyed going to school. I felt much more relaxed and comfortable because I was not forced to do anything that I didn’t like. The culture here makes it feel like I’m right at home, and it’s such a great place to study. The people around the building are always ready to help you, and make it so much fun!

Can you give one tip for students who are interested in the CG industry?
Do not let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. If you love something, protect it. Listen to your heart, not anyone else because they are not you.

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