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The Initial Idea

Think Tank is the brainchild of Scott Thompson and Joseph Bullock. These industry veterans designed and built the facility from the ground up. The school’s official opening date was June 2005. Even though it is situated in a beautiful heritage building at the Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver, the school came from school lounge build in progressvery humble beginnings. Initially, the building was a dusty basement full of cracks with a restaurant upstairs.  They had looked at a few other spaces on Esplanade, even above Empire Theaters, but in the end they went with the current location as it worked with their initial plan of having eight students to a classroom.


Before renovations could begin, a couple of walls had to be knocked out. The timeline was tight, as they had only three months to get the school ready for its grand opening. A grueling 16 hour day regime enabled the guys to get the first classroom and theater operational in time. They then continued to work on the other classrooms during evenings and whenever they could squeeze time in around their schedules. This agenda continued for the next two years, until the rest of the facility was completed in 2007. Other than enlisting help with electricity and painting, the majority of the work was done by the two of them.

To help foster creativity, the inside of the school has been converted into a ‘20,000 leagues under the sea’ theme. It features a movie theatre, kitchen, lounge, entertainment area and a life drawing/sculpting room. Scott and school lounge completedJoe generally work together when it comes to the designing and building, but each brings their own area of expertise. Scott designs the features and details, such as the arches above doorways, the eating area and the doors to the classrooms. Joe often does more of the building and installations, with assistance from Colin, as well as layout and functional design.

Looking Ahead

There are still big plans in the works for the school. Since 2013, the guys have been plotting,  planning and scheming their next build. They want to add a new reception area, and Scott’s dream of having a crashed airplane on a island (think ‘Lost’) will finally be put into motion. Currently the build is at the half-way stage and the guys are Future idea for new reception areahoping to finish it off later this year. Once again, it’ll be a collaborative effort between Joe, Scott and Colin. If it’s going to be anything like the current interior, then it’ll be well worth the wait!




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