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A Demon Hunter was recently on the prowl in the hallways of TTTC. Swathed in leather and armor she moved with stealth and grace, unhindered by an arsenal of weapons meant to deal death from a distance. She moved from shadow to shadow, with the only marking of her passage being soft footfalls and the faint creak of leather.

A native of Brazil, Iaina Estrela has participated in cosplay events around the world. She recently won third place in the International YCC at Anime Friends (São Paulo) and second in the Anime Revolution (Vancouver) with her Demon Hunter costume, custom made by herself. She was gracious enough to do a photo shoot for her fellow Think Tank students. Greenscreen Video footage will be used to integrate Iaina’s Demon Hunter into live action and Computer Generated backgrounds. Greenscreen keying is an essential part of Visual Effects training. It is utilized extensively throughout the film and television industry.

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