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After many years in Production for CG television and film, Barb started her own recruiting business; CG Scout Inc. Her clients include Pixar Canada, Digital Domain, Laika, Image Engine, Rainmaker, Vanguard Animation, Midway Games, MPC in Vancouver, Technicolor and Starz Animation. She offers seminars and mentoring to local schools including Vancouver Film School, Think Tank and Lost Boys Learning. She is also available for Production and HR Consulting and well known for finding experienced talent on short notice. She is also very good at finding new talent with the potential for greatness.

After speaking with second, third semester and alumni students here’s what they had to say.

“Was a great learning experience with great insitght into the industry!”

“She provided valuable 1-on-1 time to help tailor my demo reel to interest recruiters.”

“Was a positive and motivational experience! I learned so much.”

“She was helpful, and so nice. It was a good, matter-of-fact talk. She had lots to say about the demo reel, like what not to put on it…”

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