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The Iconic Vintage Remington Typewriter

Renato Scicchitano-Remington typewriter-front viewWhen putting together his demo reel, Renato Scicchitano wanted to tell a story through the objects he chose, so he decided to create a small scene that had a strong mood. He imagined a writer sitting at their desk brainstorming on ideas for the next project. He didn’t have a reference image he was trying to match exactly, so he created a mood board. On it, he pinned various pictures of inspiration, along with traditional art and still life photography.

The most challenging part of the reel for Renato was the placement of all the props in the scene and making it feel cohesive. It took some time, but in the end he was very happy with how everything came together. The most interesting thing to make was the typewriter. Having to create such a massive object with many different pieces really pushed his skills to the limit…in a good way, of course!

Renato was born and raised in Italy. After graduating from an industrial design program in Rome, he moved to Vancouver to pursue his dream of working in the VFX industry. A few of the things at Think Tank that made a difference for him were the class sizes, school environment and instructors. Having only 12 students per term allowed him to get to know his fellow classmates and teachers quite well. The school environment was welcoming, supportive and felt both like home and a professional studio. Also, since all the instructors and mentors are working in the industry, he found it quite amazing to be taught by people who have worked on big blockbuster films such as, Avatar, Hotel Transylvania, District 9, etc.

To see more of Renato’s work you can check out his Artstation page.

Software Used:
UV Layout
Substance Painter

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