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What Time Is It? It’s Tool Time!

Rodrigo Borges was looking to showcase an everyday practical item in his demo reel. He also wanted to have something that would exhibit how light interacts with a variety of materials and to highlight the details you see in textures.  Looking for inspiration, he frequented the local flea market. However, it was only when a friend suggested using a tool bag that he realized he found his chosen item. He soon came across a reference photo (below) to use and as luck would have it, the same exact tool bag was available for sale on eBay! Rodrigo quickly scooped it up, began the modeling process and started looking for other interesting tools to compliment the bag.

Tool Bag - reference image

The Process

The most challenging part for him was learning how to manage his time. In a project with many different objects and materials, it became easy to lose track time when tweaking a single object. He found he could sometimes end up forgetting about the rest of the work that needed to be done.  The most interesting part was putting everything together and then seeing the results. He realized that something may look great by itself, but when everything is put together, it sometimes didn’t quite work. He would then have to revisit some of the aspects again.

About Rodrigo

Rodrigo is a texture painter and look dev artist, who was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Before moving to Vancouver he studied oil engineering for two years and also completed a diploma in graphic design and 3D animation. He ended up working for a year at the Rio de Janerio Planetarium (doing 3D content for full dome productions and VR) before coming to Vancouver to specialize in textures and look dev for films. The one thing that stood out for him with Think Tank, in his research for a school in Vancouver, was the fact that he was always talking to one of the school’s owners. This direct interaction sealed the deal. It gave him a genuine feeling about the school that he didn’t get from any others. Rodrigo is now a TT alumni student and currently has a second demo reel on the go. To see more of his work you can check out:

Artstation Page:
2017 Rookies Entry:
Personal Website:


Software Used:
Maya (modeling)
Mari (texturing)
V-ray (rendering)
Nuke (compositing)


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