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Robot - Sandy Romero

The second season of Stranger Things was one of the most highly anticipated shows on Netflix this year. Who wasn’t chomping at the bit to be whisked back to those blissful days of the ‘80s? Here at Think Tank, we were also excited…but for a different reason. We’re proud to say that one of our alumni, Sandy Romero, worked as an artist on the show and textured nine of the creatures, including Dart and the Demodogs.
Originally hailing from Venezuela, Sandy had an extensive background in journalism before sinking her teeth into the CG industry. After careful consideration, she determined Think Tank to be the best option so she packed her bags and headed to Vancouver. During her studies, she ended up being one of the first two students to be mentored by Justin Holt. It was under his tutelage that she found her passion for texturing.

Since graduating from our full-time diploma program in 2012, Sandy has been steadily working as a texture painter. From her employment at 
Hydraulx Visual Effects and Method Studios, she’s had the opportunity to work on numerous features such as San Andreas, Maleficent, The Maze Runner, Geostorm, Stranger Things, Spectral, X-men Apocalypse, and Into The Storm.

While navigating her way through the industry, she’s found that asking lots of questions and learning as much as you can from the people around you are key factors for career growth. Also, you should not feel limited by your age or language and it helps to be modest about yourself. 
If your dream is to work on blockbuster projects like Sandy then Think Tank can make it happen! Our training utilizes the latest tools and techniques to ensure students are job market-ready upon graduation. We have you covered with either on-campus, online or mentorship program options. For more information, please visit:
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