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The 10 Scariest Artworks in CG History

With Halloween finally here, we wanted to share with you some of Think Tank’s spookiest artwork. For years, our students have produced thousands of assets, demo reels, and animations that reflect a wide variety of emotions and aesthetics–including the most sinister. So, given that it is Spooky Season, we thought it necessary to highlight those Think Tank pieces which spook us the most (or at least scare the sweat pants off this particular blogger). And yes, we really believe that our students’ artwork can account for all of CG history (or at least a decent chunk of it) 👻
Without further ado, here is our countdown of the 10 spookiest works of art to come out of Think Tank (so far).


10) Marina Garner – Voodoo Doll’s Eyes

There is nothing scarier than the potential for unrequited love, no? Unless of course the lovestruck…is a skeleton doll with a pale gray body. Immaculately detailed, Marina’s asset is able to convey from the viewer a sense of sympathy towards the character–sitting in a graveyard playing the he loves me, he loves me not game. The doll is humanized, and provokes an almost child-like sentiment despite its blatantly creepy aesthetic. Perhaps, we’ve all been in this character’s shoes, helplessly dreaming and romanticizing. Perhaps, then, seeing ourselves in such a morbid piece of 3D art is the scariest thing of all. Check out more of Marina’s artwork here.


9) Igor Bittencourt – Creature

Imagine walking into a dark alley and running into this guy. Tasked to create a creature using ZBrush, Igor developed an asset that looks real enough to make the above-mentioned scenario seem eerily possible. Beyond the menacing snarl, demonic horns, and piercing red eyes, it might be his scary abs that terrify us most. Check out what inspired Igor’s creative process with Creature here.


8) Moshe Kadosh – Love Story – Romeo & Juliet

Full moon? Check. Creepy tree? Check. Clearly this piece of art is objectively terrifying…right? Okay, okay, this 3D asset may not be that scary, but no one is in the office to moderate this blogger’s opinion right now, and as someone who vehemently despises ketchup, the thought of an anthropomorphised tomato scares the bejesus out of me. Therefore, Moshe’s nod to fresh produce and Shakespeare in Love goes on the list. At the very least, this might serve as a nice break for the horror that is about to come…Moshe Kadosh has produced some seriously awesome (and even more terrifying) work – check it out here.


7) Laurel D. Austin – Zergling Cuddle Time

Taking us into the dark world of Starcraft, former Think Tank student turned video game illustrator, Laurel D. Austin, produced this masterpiece for the release of Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm. The smiles on the young Zerg aliens, and the humanized Zerg Queen, make this piece all the more chilling as each form appears to be content with their brutality. The title alone, Zergling Cuddle Time, also reflects this stark juxtaposition which only adds to the overall tension of the piece…how can something so grotesque appear loving if not beautiful? We highly recommend diving into Laurel’s other illustrations and work by visiting her website here.


6) Michael Lachman – A Propensity For Violence

Like characters and creatures, environments have the ability to evoke a sense of fear within the viewer. Inspired by classic scenarios such as Escape from Alcatraz, The Shawshank Redemption, and Papillon…this Real-Time Environment captures (no pun intended) the anxiety of being enclosed within an inescapable, inhospitable, and violent space. With no characters as reference point, only evidence of what they left behind (whether voluntarily or not), those examining this piece perhaps can’t help but place themselves within the confines of this truly brilliant piece. For a closer look into this incredible 3D Environment, click here.


5) Isabel Arouz – Puppet

Based on a piece by the staggeringly brilliant Zeen Chin, this CG asset once again speaks to the dichotomy between beauty and horror, and the immutable presence of such a juxtaposition often intrigues and terrifies. Also…mini-minions, freaky masks, and dolls being sewn into the skin? Freaky! Dive more into Isabel’s work by following her ArtStation here.


4) Nathanaël Langlais – Medusa

Gaze into her eyes…if you dare. For millennia, Medusa’s story has intrigued, enchanted and terrified viewers, watchers, listeners, readers and the like. Her tale and image stretches back to antiquity, and it is surely a delight to see her rendered here in what is, relatively speaking, such a modern form of art. Nathanaël’s Medusa captures her in a modern world–wearing gold silk dress, wearing makeup, and appearing more current than ancient. How this iconic seductress/monster is able to appear as though she is walking among us today adds yet another dimension of terror to an already immutable figure of fright. Get to know this modern Medusa here.


3) Darrell Abney – Cryopod with Alien

Science fiction is more than capable of bringing our deepest fears to life. Imagine: you’re trapped in a crypod, somewhere out in Deep Space, and as you lay there completely helpless you’re being feasted on by a fleshy alien organism. The detail of Darrell’s piece is extraordinary, and its ability to make a seemingly fantastical scenario appear as a possibility is totally blood chilling. Also are those eyes, warts, skin on that thing? This 3D model captures how penetrating and scary the grotesque can be. Take a closer look here.


2) Nimrod Zaguri – Angel of Anger

The more you look at this piece, the more frightening it becomes. It’s all in the little details–the glow in the character’s eyes, the detail of his cuts and scarring, the emaciated body, the almost pleased look on his face as a mysterious fluid pours from his mouth. It brings up depictions of the occult, blood sacrifice, possession and even torture. Yet, the way in which Nimrod has portrayed this piece, how it quite literally glows on your screen, makes it so hard to look away. See more of this supposed angel here.


And now for the most terrifying piece of CG Art the world has ever seen………………….
…………………Are you sure you can handle it?………………………



Get ready………………………………..


1) Heather Rohl – Hamstertween

Is it a ghost? Is it a hamster? Hamster ghost!? Well, maybe this one isn’t as terrifying as the others (especially #8), but here at Think Tank, we believe in the spirit of Halloween and that means relishing in the TRICKS as much as the FRIGHT. We hope you enjoyed our list of the 10 scariest artworks in CG History (even if it was a bit biased). Check out Heather Rohl’s demo reel here, and have a fun, safe, and spooky Halloween!

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