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Think Tank comes out on top at the 2017 Rookies Awards

The Rookies just released their 2017 rankings for the ‘Best Creative Media & Entertainment Schools in the World’. This list is based on the quality and performance of the student portfolios that are submitted to their judging panel from March 2017 to May 2017. The key areas that are judged include creative skills, technical skills, presentation, variety of skills, complexity, raw talent and employment potential.

In total, there were 8609 digital projects created by 2744 students from 627 schools across 81 countries worldwide. Think Tank had 27 entries and our students did us proud. We are very happy to announce that we are the top school in Canada for Visual EffectsAnimation and Next-Gen Gaming, as well as;

  • 2nd Worldwide for Visual Effects (out of 147 schools)
  • 3rd Worldwide for Feature Animation (out of 176 schools)
  • 6th Worldwide for Next-Gen Gaming (out of 166 schools)

A few interesting stats to note from the data collected for the competition include;

  • Canada was the top performing country for the Visual Effects and Digital Illustration categories
  • Creative careers are most popular for males aged between 18-24 years old
  • The United States and United Kingdom make up the largest number of students pursuing a career in these creative fields (Canada is third on the list)


2017 Rookies Results Think Tank


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