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It all started out side the Vancouver Aquarium. To be honest I did not know what to expect so I had no expectations at all. I began to have an idea waiting out side the front doors with other fellow CG fans. We all waddled into this atmosphere of “under water” inspiration. I stopped at the food first, everyone was hungry. Yummy snacks and funny enough; sushi in front of live fish. Once you got food out of the way you simply got sucked into a “Tube of Talent.” Each booth had the “professor’s” of 2D or 3D art creating full finished pieces from empty space while people starred with googley eyes. This was worth the trip already in my mind. As for the main presentations, I was able to get into one of the five theatre room experiences. Still outside the theatre room you could see it on a separate screen but with little to no sound unfortunately it did not have the same effect. Though the visuals are often gorgeous and self explanatory. I did not complain. Over all I loved it. An inspiration to “keep at it.” Do what you love.

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