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January 17th – Think Tank tours Bardel! The incredibly talented Paul Johnson, a Think Tank animation mentor with over 15 years of experience, took us on a tour of Bardel Entertainment. Students got to visit the entire studio, and were treated to a behind-the-scenes lesson on scene layout by Sharon Lauzon (another Think Tank alumnus!). Sharon showed us her current project, and the scene/character/prop additions, posing, bits and pieces that make the shots flow effectively for the animators to work. Then Paul showed us his workflow, project tracker and some sneak peaks from their new tv show. He also gave us a lesson in what to do and what not to do to make your demo reel get noticed and get you a job. Bardel has a fantastic staff lounge complete with pool table, oversized chess set, book exchange and turtle tank! Thanks so much to everyone who helped us have this tour – we found it both fun and inspirational. A nice solid reminder of what we’re working so hard for in our classes. ~Angela

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