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Mozaik XPO is an educational exhibition for students interested in the creative industries. This is an exciting opportunity for aspiring artists to attend workshops, presentations and network with a host of leading colleges with creative programs. From August 20th to 27th, our school, alongside over 20 other top-tier creative institutions, will be at the Mozaik XPO in 3 different cities across India. 


Here is the schedule: 

  • Delhi – August 20 from 10AM – 5PM IST
  • Bangalore – August 24 from 12PM – 6PM IST
  • Mumbai – August 27 from 10AM – 5PM IST


The Think Tank Training Centre is a forward thinking CG animation school based in North Vancouver, Canada. Offering an array of in-person and on campus programs, we’re dedicated to training the next generation of artists and industry professionals. Many of our graduates have gone on to enjoy exciting careers across the Film, TV, and Games industries. 

Mozaik XPO is FREE for all! So, if you’re located in or around these cities, we hope to see you there. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to connect with us in person and get a closer look into our online and on campus CG animation programs.


Ready to shift your reality? Register for Mozaik XPO India 2022 today.

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