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Tristan RWelcome Tristan Rettich!

Tristan Rettich has recently joined our instructor roster and will be teaching the Texturing 100 course.

Tristan was raised on Haida Gwaii and always dreamed of working in film. His interest in 3D art came once he discovered it was a realistic way to break into the industry. However, after high school he took some time off and went backpacking around Europe to broaden his horizons. After having purged the travel bug from his system, he then settled in Vancouver six years ago and signed up at the Art Institute for 3D modeling. After finishing his program, he was hired at Keystone Entertainment and then moved to Mesopotamia Software and Nerd Corps. Currently he’s at Method Studios, and has been since 2013. Some of the previous projects he’s worked on include, ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron‘, ‘RoboCop‘, ‘The Maze Runner‘, and currently he’s involved in designing a complex photo-realistic creature for an upcoming feature film.

Tristan likes to work on art, as well as build his freelance business (Worn Pixel Studio) in his free time. He also has big dreams to one day develop his personal IPs into graphic novels and feature productions. When not sitting behind a computer, you can catch him rocking out to heavy metal or camping and hiking.

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