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On Friday March 18th, 4 teams of Think Tank students competed in a series of challenges! The first of which consisted of driving remote control cars rigged to destroy the other opponents balloons.

Check out the intense four wheel, rubber burning, exploding action below.

165 181 186

The second challenge consisted of having to devour 4 pieces of pizza as fast as possible.

193 201(1)214(1)

The third challenge required extensive hip gyrations in order to get the ball to the target destination.

227 232234

The forth and final challenge had the students blindly undressing and redressing their teammates in the fastest possible time.

262  238254

After all the challenges there was a tie between 2 teams that had to be resolved through a final test of dexterity, “The balloon juggle!”

Contestants had to juggle 2 balloons in the air simultaneously until one of them failed to keep both in the air.


In the end “Team Success” were the victors of the TTTC Challenge!

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