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Nautical Luxury = Victorian Era x Atlantis!

Valerie Do, gramophone, environment demo reelValerie Do’s environment demo reel, Nautical Luxury, showcases her artistic abilities with an underwater scene and a train car interior. The inspiration came after seeing a concept art piece by Michael Raaflaub. The image he made is an innovative interpretation of steampunk combined with the lost city of Atlantis and the Victorian era.

Valerie found that the entirety of the underwater environment to be the most challenging. There were many things she initially couldn’t get her head around since she was still learning the basics. However, once she was able to finally start understanding the concepts, she was able to move forward with finishing it. As work progressed, she found building the interior props to be the most interesting and fun. This is because she challenged herself to see how far she could develop her skills modeling Victorian style furniture.

Valerie is from Vancouver and comes from a web development and design background. She decided to enroll at Think Tank to expand on her animation skills. However, by the end of the program she discovered that her passion became creating environments. Valerie found that being able to stay on at the school for as long as she needed to after finishing her program made a real difference. She also greatly appreciated the culture of the school. It provided her a fantastic peer to peer learning environment and connections to people that helped her when she needed it. To see more of Valerie’s work you can check out her website and Artstation page.

Software Used:
Maya (modeling)
UV Layout (UVs)
Unreal 4 (rendering, shading)
Zbrush (sculpting)
Substance Designer (textures)
Quixel Suite (textures)
Photoshop (textures)
Marvelous Designer (cloth)


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