Our program consists of four components: Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced and Mentorship. After selecting your initial path (Asset Creation or Character Animation), you will begin with the Foundation semester where you will learn the necessary core skills and fundamentals that are essential for a successful CG career. As you advance through the course you will lay down the groundwork needed to help you choose from one of six career paths in which to specialize. Each path is led by an industry veteran. The Intermediate and Advanced terms are designed to prepare you for the final challenging, but most rewarding semester, the one-on-one Mentorship. For more information, please visit the FAQ Section below.


Lay down the groundwork and acquire core skills


Choose your specialized career path and begin training


Learn upper level techniques with additional project supervision


Work with a professional mentor to create and polish your demo reel



What You Will Get
  • Terms are full course loads, 3-5 courses/week
  • Pay by term or pay all at once
  • Director-derived curriculums for specialized job focused demo reels
  • Weekly live lessons and Q&A with seasoned industry professionals
  • Access to Think Tank’s comprehensive resource centre
The Learning Portal
  • A custom-built unique learning experience
  • A place to connect and share your work with the Think Tank Community
  • The ability to ask a question anytime, anywhere
  • A tailor-made desktop app for handing in assignments
  • Custom Maya plugins for quick and easy submissions
Community / Industry
  • Access to our network of studios who value Think Tank students
  • A platform to share and collaborate with fellow students
  • An industry advisory panel that is consistently up-to-date on all the latest tools and techniques
Support Infrastructure
  • An unrivaled support system – your questions directed to the right people
  • Fast response times
  • A support team made up of industry professionals
  • Supervisor reviewed support metrics to ensure you are excelling at all times

Think Tank Online is a new way of learning based on more than 10 years of working with students from across the globe.

Designed by skilled professionals to produce industry-ready artists, our online programs cater to individuals at the beginner or advanced level. However, you must be ready and prepared for a serious time commitment since this is not a casual course load.

Our curriculum consists of four semesters over 16 months and has been created to produce quality work that meets the benchmark set by top studios worldwide. This means that each semester is centered on constructing a final project of a high professional standard.

The quality of our work here at Think Tank is paramount. Trained techniques applied to professional grade projects will teach artists to problem-solve, prepare for future projects and solidify skills. More importantly, this approach systematically instills the confidence to move forward through advanced terms, gives the ability to produce a highly competitive demo reel and ultimately prepares the student to be market-ready for placement in the industry.

Still have questions?  View our Frequently Asked Questions below:

How much will it cost?

Our full-time four semester program is $14,400CAD including Mentorship (fourth semester).

If you pay for all 4 terms up front, you will receive 5% off.

Can I pay for just the Foundation term to start with?

Yes, our Foundation semesters are $3,100CAD (Asset and Animation). You can opt to pay for this alone.

If you pay for all 4 terms up front, you will receive 5% off.

What’s the cost breakdown per semester?

Please note, this is our introductory pricing.  Think Tank Online reserves the right to change these prices at any time without prior notice.  Those changes will not effect the October intakes (as they are grandfathered in).

Asset Creation:

  • Term 1: $3,100 CAD
  • Term 2: $3,100 CAD
  • Term 3: $3,100 CAD
  • Term 4: $5,100 CAD

Character Animation:

  • Term 1: $3,100 CAD
  • Term 2: $3,100 CAD
  • Term 3: $3,100 CAD
  • Term 4: $5,100 CAD

You will receive a 5% discount if you pay for all 4 terms up front.

Can I just take a Mentorship?

Yes, you can take a mentorship through our Mentorship Program. Online standalone Mentorships will be available sometime next year.

What software do I need?

The list of our software include but not limited to Photoshop, Maya, Mudbox, ZBrush, Mari, Nuke, Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Vray and more!

Do I need any previous knowledge or experience?

Previous knowledge will help you to succeed but it is not mandatory. The Foundation term is intended to equip you with the necessary skills to progress further in the program. It is expected that you attend your classes, participate in discussions, work hard and ask pertinent questions.  If you do what’s required, there’s no reason a total beginner can’t become the next great industry professional.

What are the computer requirements?

A Windows desktop computer with at least a 2.5ghz quad core CPU, 16GB of ram, and 2GB of GPU ram. A headset (with microphone), webcam and broadband internet are also required.

Do I need to submit a portfolio?

No, it’s not required to submit a formal portfolio. However, we do ask that you submit some examples of your work which we can then use as a reference point. The program is designed to help judge your aptitude and guide you to a chosen area of specialization. After finishing the Foundation term, you then decide which learning path to follow for the remaining three terms.

What is the time commitment?

5 classes, 9 hours class time total, per week. Plus time for assignment completion and any related activities.

What if I am in a different time zone?

You will have no trouble attending this program if you are in a different country or time zone. Most of the classes are available 24 hours a day, and the weekly live check-ins are flexible.

How long is the online program?

The program consists of four terms: Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced and Mentorship. Each term is four months. The entire program, including the one-on-one mentorship, is 16 months in total. In addition, Think Tank will continue to support students beyond graduation.

Do I have to take all four semesters in a row?

No, however the semesters are designed to flow from one to the next, so taking a break between each one can have a big impact on your momentum.

When is the next start date?

The next start date is October 2, 2017

What are the start dates each year?

Intakes are three times a year – February, June and October.

Are there any scholarships?

Not at this time.

Can I apply for student loans?

Yes, if you are a Canadian citizen or have PR you will qualify for Provincial and Federal student loans.

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