Student Art: Tomas Sackmann

CG + 3D Asset Creation for Film or Games

/Hybrid/48 Weeks Online + 16 Weeks On Campus/diploma

Our signature hybrid program is ideal for those looking to launch their career in the industry. Students master both the fundamentals and advanced techniques of CG remotely before heading to the Think Tank Campus for an immersive, portfolio-focused term.


Program overview

Taught through Think Tank’s interactive platform, Portal, the first 48 weeks, this program combines prerecorded tutorials, collaborative workshops, and one-on-one mentorship to prepare students for a career in Film, TV, or Games.

Specializing in your field of interest, you’ll create a portfolio that is catered toward a particular career, and often, a specific studio. With advice from your experienced supervisors, instructors and personal mentor, you’ll develop a wealth of industry insights and connections that will help you confidently take the next step.

Along with providing you with the flexibility of remote learning, this program immerses you in a professional community built on mutual respect, artistic support, and ingenuity. At Think Tank, we strive for our students to not just observe this community, but become active players in it.

Who it's for

This is for artists new to CG who wish to spend the majority of their program remotely, but want to complete their portfolio in a highly collaborative, in-person setting. Students must be ready to dedicate at least 40-60 hours a week to their studies. Working while studying is not recommended.

Software we'll provide

  • MariMari
  • MayaMaya
  • MudboxMudbox
  • PhotoshopPhotoshop
  • V-RayV-Ray
  • UVLayoutUVLayout
  • ZBrushZBrush
  • Substance DesignerSubstance Designer
  • Substance PainterSubstance Painter
  • NukeNuke
  • MarmosetMarmoset
  • Marvelous DesignerMarvelous Designer
  • R3DS WrapR3DS Wrap
  • Unreal EngineUnreal Engine

Youโ€™ll choose your specialization in Term 2

While developing a broad skillset that enables you to pursue a variety of career paths, this program lets you focus on a unique specialization that will help define you as a CG Artist:

Characters & Creatures for Film
Characters & Creatures for Film
Plus Sign
Characters & Creatures for Games
Characters & Creatures for Games
Plus Sign
Props & Environments for Film
Props & Environments for Film
Plus Sign
Props & Environments for Games
Props & Environments for Games
Plus Sign

Term by term

Term 1 (Online)

Start with the basics. From modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing, rendering, asset creation and more…this term is designed to train you in the most essential facets of traditional arts and computer graphics. In addition, you’ll be introduced to (and ultimately do a deep dive in) the software tools you’ll be using when working in the industry.

The courses you’ll take in this term will emphasize and enhance your organization, flexible thinking, and problem solving skills. In just 16 weeks, you’ll become an extremely well-rounded artist, with a strong inkling towards what will become your area of specialization.

  • / Introduction to Maya
  • / 3D Modeling Fundamentals
  • / Look Development
  • / Texturing
  • / Final Project
Art by Roy Bennett
Student Art: Roy Bennett

Term 2 (Online)

The fundamental courses started in Term 1 continue, becoming more intense, complex, and demanding. You’ll be presented with more in-depth, creative techniques and tools which will allow you to produce more complex and detail-oriented work.

In addition to these more advanced lessons, you’ll be required to select your specialization path from one of four primary options: Environments & Props for Film or Games, and Characters & Creatures for Film or Games. These paths will inform what will eventually become your portfolio project during the following two terms.

Courses *
  • / 3D Modeling
  • / Drapery
  • / Hero Prop
  • / Anatomy & Topology
  • / Look Development
  • / Game Engines
  • / Production Pipeline
  • / Final Project
  • / Texturing
Art by Andrea Savchenko
Student Art: Andrea Savchenko

Term 3 (Online)

Courses in this term focus on advanced tools, workflows and techniques that will prepare you for the final stages of your specialization. Guided by your online supervisor, you’ll begin to develop a full-term final project that will serve as a high-quality asset preceding  the portfolio production stage to come.

Workload and expectations increase during this term as pre-production on your portfolio and demo reel begin while advanced courses continue.

Courses *
  • / 3D Modeling
  • / Hero Prop
  • / Grooming
  • / Anatomy & Topology
  • / Environments
  • / Game Engines
  • / Advanced Tools
  • / Final Project
  • / Texturing
Art by Juan Carlos Linares
Student Art: Juan Carlos Linares

Term 4 (Campus)

Welcome to the Think Tank Campus. As the foundational piece of the portfolio production process, this mentor-focused term has you making definitive creative decisions on your pieces–such as finalizing shots, completing lighting, rendering, and compositing to produce what will become the final cut.

Alongside the industry-hardened advice of your instructors and personal mentor, you’ll take lessons focusing on presentation skills, portfolio packaging, career preparation and job search which will provide invaluable direction on preparing resumés and cover letters, as well as industry practices and ethics.

Courses *
  • / Presentation Skills
  • / Portfolio Packaging
  • / Job Search
  • / Production Pipeline
  • / Experiential Learning Lab
  • / Final Portfolio Production
Art by Jonni Zhang
Student Art: Jonni Zhang
* Specialization may affect course selection
Why Think Tank?

Personalized Fast-paced Hands-on Hybrid

  • Portal

    Your virtual home base. Connect with classmates, your supervisor, take in live sessions, and explore the student gallery.

  • Weekly challenges

    Each week, receive a set of challenges that reflects the problems and scenarios you'll encounter professionally.

  • Inspiring community

    Online, you’ll be connected to a supportive community of artists and industry leaders. This only expands on campus.

  • Small classes

    Each class features a max of 10 students. This means less theory, less waiting, more collaboration, and more feedback.

  • Elite access

    Get the opportunity to work in Think Tank's advanced labs, and enjoy 24/7 access to all recorded live sessions.

  • Leave with results

    Gain the skills, confidence, connections, and portfolio required to make a statement and land that first job.

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Student Art: Brad Singleton
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