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Christian Peck

Technical Supervisor


My name is Christian Peck. I graduated from Think Tank just over 3 years ago. Currently, I’m working at sgsCo as a Technical Supervisor in the New York CIty area. Before that, I’ve worked as a Lighting Artist, Texture Painter and as a 3D Generalist. Some of the studios I’ve worked for are Framestore, Digital Domain, and Scanline VFX. Having a career in this industry has been a wild ride that I wouldn’t trade for anything and I always love to help others begin their own. When mentoring, I like to simulate a professional production environment for my mentorship students, so they can get a sense of what a dailies session will be like when they land that first job. My number one goal as a mentor is to equip my students with the skills and confidence walk into that first job undaunted and ready for success, and of course to help them make the most kick ass demo real possible!

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