Instructor/Mentor Photo

Christopher Cao

Senior Character Artist


Born and raised in Montreal, Christopher had been involved with art from a young age. Drawing during classes and getting into trouble with graffiti in his teens. After exploring a few dead end jobs, he decided to pull the trigger and enroll in the NAD center video game program in his early 20’s. Since then, Christopher has been working for different companies in Montreal and around the world, from the game and collectible industries.

Currently a Senior Character Artist at Bioware Montreal Christopher’s specialties are: Digital Sculpting with Zbrush, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Xnormal, Unreal, Substance Painter/Designer and Marvelous Designer.

During his career, Christopher has worked on Splinter Cell, AC Black Flag, Batman Origin, Arkham Knight and recently finished Mass Effect Andromeda. On the side, Christopher has also worked on different licenses such as DC and Hasbro via the collectible companies Prime One and XM Studio.

A part from doing art, Christopher is a big car guy. He likes working on his car when he has the time and attending the local race track to hone his driving skills from time to time.

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