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David Feuillatre

Founder & CEO
Zebra VR


  • 2006: Fight For Life: VES Award – Best Visual Effects in a Broadcast Series.
  • 2007: The Golden Compass: Academy Awards Winner for Best Visual Effects.
  • 2008: The Dark Knight: Academy Award Nominated for Best Visual Effects.
  • 2010: Avatar: Academy & VES Awards Winner for Best Visual Effects.
  • 2012: Life of Pi: Academy Awards Winner for Best Visual Effects.
  • 2013 : Anxious Oswald Greene: Leo Awards Winner – Best Visual Effects in a Short Drama.


David Feuillatre: Visual Effects Pioneer, Educator, and Zebra VR Founder & CEO.
With deep experience in technology, education, and visual effects as VFX technical director and supervisor on Academy Awards winner projects, VFX producer, and education program creator for world-renowned schools, David has gathered expert knowledge to create advanced training programs for digital content creation. His goal: to empower everyone in digital content creation using the best pedagogic and meta-cognitive methods.

In 2007, David was a key member of the trailblazing creature team at Framestore on The Golden Compass, impressing with state of the art animated CGI polar bears, the movie went on winning the academy award for Best Visual Effects. Under Christopher Nolan’s direction, David created the virtual Batman cape and wing for The Dark Knight, ranked best #3 movie of all time on IMDB and 26th-highest-grossing film of all time with over $1 billion in revenue worldwide. Feuillatre also collaborated with Sony Pictures Imageworks on franchised animated movies and with Technicolor MPC on award-winning shows such as Life of Pi and Superman: Man of Steel. In 2009, David joined Weta Digital, pioneering CGI character technologies on James Cameron’s Avatar, still the highest-grossing film of all time with a $2.9 billions estimated gross, foreseeing the emerging virtualization of film production led by James Cameron.

For the past 8 years, David has been teaching his skills along the road: in many world-renowned schools such as ISART Digital, #1 Video Games school in France, ESRA, #1 Film school in France, and within studios creating Character FX training programs and videos for Sony Pictures Imageworks.
In 2012 David was a mentor in the SIGGRAPH S3 MentorMe Program and a Reviewer for the SIGGRAPH Student Services Reel, Resume and Portfolio Review (S3R3).

Today, David hold a faculty position at Think Tank Training Center in Vancouver (elected 3rd school worldwide and 1st in Canada in 2015 by the Autodesk school ranking), he teaches the Production curriculum, meditation in the Life Skills program as well as workshops on the specialties: Creature deformations, Character FX, Cloth and Hair Simulation. He is also an instructor for Artline Institut, the first online based french computer graphics school, and Cineworks, the main indie-film production organization in Vancouver.

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