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Giuseppe Improta

Lighting and Lookdev Lead
Moving Picture Company (MPC)


“I started drawing since I was a very little kid. After watching Jurassic Park, when I was about 13 years old, I started studying 3D graphics. Kept at practicing drawing and 3D graphics as much as possible while learning different 3D software while I was in mid and high school. After my high school diploma in computer science, I joined the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples to improve my artistic skills and I took the Painting and Set Dressing specialties. Started working professionally as freelance when I was about 17. I founded my own company with two other people when I was 19 and I quit after 2 years because I wanted to solely focus on the creative and production side of things gaining more experience without worrying about quotes, financing and clients management. Whenever in my life I felt I wasn’t learning enough, I changed to a different environment seeking for new experiences and a deeper knowledge. This has given me a vast variety of experience in different industries and from different points of view: I have worked as a 3D designer for architects and product designers, in multimedia productions and VR, in commercials, in Animated Feature Films, in Visual Effects Productions and as freelance photographer and director of photography, and also as mentor and teacher. After working in Italy for over 11 years, I left to move to London where I lived for about 3 years. Finally, I moved to Vancouver (BC, Canada) and then in Squamish (BC, Canada) where I am currently living. My strong mix of technical and artistic knowledge, the love for teamwork, the drive to accept and overcome challenges, my experience leading teams of different size, as well as my freelance and entrepreneurial experience, gives me a more complex point of view on how to tackle productions properly evaluating the strategies needed to make the clients happy and meet the deadlines. This makes me comfortable in accepting any kind of job or challenge. Self-improvement is a key point in my life and improving, learning and experiencing new things is what drives my life in all of its aspects.

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