Instructor/Mentor Photo

Joe Crawford

Educator, Animator, Coder


Joe has been working professionally in the computer graphics industry since 1996, and has had a life long interest in computer graphics, animation, and video games.

Starting at Mainframe Entertainment, Joe worked on the first ever computer animated television series, “Reboot”. Afterwards, Joe went on to work on two “Transformers” related series, “Beast Wars” and “Beast Machines”.

Joe now focuses primary on teaching. He has over 20 years of professional teaching experience and has taught many topics at many institutions. In fact, Joe has taught so many students over the years that they can be found working at nearly every major game and visual fx studio world wide. Nearly every major motion picture and video game released these days features work by students that first learned with Joe.

Outside of teaching Joe now does software development and provides technical support and consulting for game/films studios. His MmmmTools system for Maya is quite popular and used by artists in major studios around the world.

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