Instructor/Mentor Photo

Ricardo de la Puente

3D Character Artist
Kabam Games


My name is Ricardo de la Puente. Originally from Lima, Peru. I studied graphic design at the Institute of San Ignacio de Loyola from 2002 to 2005. I went on to work in Graphic Design and Visual Development in several advertising agencies, a TV news channel, as well as, freelance work with multiple clients. This sparked my passion for 3D animation, which led me to take some courses and later inspired me to study 3D animation full-time. In August 2011, I moved to Vancouver to study 3D animation at Capilano University. Upon graduation in 2012, I was hired by a studio called Exploding Barrel Games, which later grew into what is now Kabam Games. I began working on projects as a 3D and UI artist on games such as Blastron, MLB Live Challenge and the Fast and Furious: Legacy mobile device game. My work also included several images and characters for the studio to pitch for new games. From there, I began to work as a 3D character artist for Marvel Contest of Champions and have been working on this project since conception in 2014. Hence, the majority of my portfolio are characters I’ve created for that project over the past 5 years. I am extremely proud and grateful to be working with a studio such as Kabam, and to have the opportunity to be around such talented and knowledgeable people. I look forward in sharing what I’ve learned over the years with aspiring and fellow artists.

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