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Rodrigo Janz

Sr. Lighting / Compositing Artist
Animal Logic


I’m defined by cartoons, movies, mountaintop adventures and photography. I Started working as a web developer when I was 16. During my Design graduation, I did an internship in Markenfilm; Germany, where I had my first contact with production and photography.

A couple of years after I became the Leader of a Motion Graphics department. I got a scholarship from VFS and established Cenozoica, a small production company with the original goal to produce our own movies and small commercial jobs.

Recently, I finished my first authorial short animation. “Dearest Chameleon“. I have a solid foundation as 3D generalist, But I choose to combine mine skills on photography, image editing, and CG to specialize in lighting and compositing for full CG movies.

On that path, I spent a little more than one year working on the DreamWorks’ show Puss In Boots, at Bardel-Vancouver. During that period, I was promoted 3 times, going from a mid-level to a lead Artist/TD. For the next one year and a half, I’ll be working on Animal Logic / Vancouver, on the LEGO NINJAGO and LEGO 2 movies.

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