As strikes end and projects re-start, several experienced artists are finding themselves needing to up-skill and revise their portfolio to meet the demands of a competitive industry. Ahead of the June 3, 2024 Term, Think Tank is offering artists who apply to a selection of our portfolio-focused programs an entrance bursary towards their tuition. All applicants have to do is meet the program and general admission requirements as well as provide proof that they have attended a previous program in 3D Modeling, VFX, Animation, or Game Art.

The bursary amounts are based on whether an artist will be studying through Think Tank Online or on Campus, so see below for more details about each program and how the Level Up Portfolio Bursary works.

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NOTE: all of these programs require at minimum foundational skills within CG art. If you’ve attended a CG art program, but do not meet the skill qualifications, you
may not be entitled to an entrance bursary.


Level up through Think Tank Online

For those looking to upgrade their existing skills entirely or mostly online, taking a portfolio production course through Think Tank Online is a great option. Artists accepted into one of the following programs for the June 3, 2024 Term will receive an $1,000CAD entrance bursary towards their tuition.


cG assEt PortFolIo
Pre-Production and production

For artists with a foundational education in CG Art.


cG + 3D PortFolIo Pre-Production
and production

Final term on campus–get mentored in an industry hub.

Think Tank Online Bursary Conditions:
• This Think Tank Online bursary offer is just for the June 2024 Start Date.

Level up at the Think Tank Campus

If you have advanced to very advanced skills in CG, are a resident of Canada, and are looking to polish your demo reel with mentored advice, career development and job readiness training in a collaborative workspace in the heart of the Film & Games industry…then one of these Campus portfolio training programs is for you. Applicants who meet the requirements of the Level Up Bursary Program and apply for a Campus program will receive a $1,500CAD entrance bursary towards their tuition.


3D PortFolIo Pre-Production
and production

Create a specialized portfolio based on your interests & goals.


3D PortFolIo production

For artists with very advanced skills in CG ready for the next step.

Campus Bursary Conditions:
• This Think Tank Online bursary offer is just for the February 2024 Start Date and the June 2024 Start Date.
• Campus applicants for the upcoming February 2024 Start Date must be Canadian Residents.
• International Students can apply to the Campus June 2024 Start Date OR the Think Tank Online February 2024 Start Date.
This Level Up Portfolio Bursary provides artists with Think Tank’s elite portfolio training during a pivotal stage in their career journey. If you have existing educational experience in CG art, and want to learn more about this opportunity and our award-winning programs, don’t hesitate to contact our Admissions Team directly at